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Practice Areas

Business Litigation | Personal Injury | Transportation Law
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Practice Areas


As a business client you need the highest quality representation provided in the most efficient manner possible. Our business litigation attorneys focus on disputes involving:

Breach of Contract
Deceptive Trade Practices
Unfair Business Competition
Product Liability
Employment Discrimination
Shareholder Disputes
Trademark Infringement
Landlord – Tenant Disputes
Commercial Foreclosures
Eminent Domain
Zoning Disputes
Debtor - Creditor Relations
Tax Claims

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Bishop & LaForte’s experienced personal injury attorneys litigate to obtain the maximum possible recovery for motor vehicle accidents, falls, nursing home neglect, and wrongful death cases.

Recent Cases:

  • $2,000,000 to a woman who suffered injuries as a result of a truck accident, and additional compensation to her husband for loss of consortium.
  • $1,495,000 to the family of a woman who died as a result of a truck accident.
  • $450,000 for a woman who suffered pain as a result of a slip-and-fall at a country club.

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Our estate and trust planning attorneys prepare estate and trust plans to fit the unique family and financial circumstances of each of our clients. Those plans often include the following documents to protect the families’ assets in the event of disability or death:

Wills to appoint guardians for any minor children and direct how your assets are to be distributed at the end of your life.

Revocable Living Trusts to manage your assets if you ever become disabled – and to transfer your assets at the end of your life without the expense and delay of Probate Court. The successor trustee you appoint can also protect and manage your children’s inheritance for an extended period after they turn eighteen.

Powers of Attorney for Healthcare to designate who would make medical decision for you if you became disabled – to avoid the appointment of a Probate Court guardian.

Powers of Attorney for Property to designate who would make financial decisions for you if you became disabled – to avoid the appointment of a Probate Court guardian.

Living Wills to advise family members and medical providers of your wishes regarding end of life care and extraordinary medical procedures.

Special Needs Trusts to protect and manage a disabled family member’s inheritance without disqualifying them from important government benefits.

Bishop & LaForte attorneys also work with clients to evaluate and update their existing estate and trust documents.

Transportation Law

We represent small to mid-size carriers, brokers, and factoring, truck and trailer sales, and rental companies.


Bishop & LaForte’s construction attorneys represents owners, engineers, architects, general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers from drafting the initial contract through resolving disputes over final payment on construction projects. Our construction attorneys arbitrate, mediate, and litigate breach of contract claims, change order disputes, mechanics' lien claims, and surety bonds claims.

Bishop & LaForte’s real estate development attorneys draft and negotiate contracts for real estate developer clients in connection with hotel, golf course, shopping center, and other commercial real estate developments.


Our team of hard-working business and real estate transaction attorneys are devoted to assisting clients with all types of businesses, from small, family owned companies to large, publicly traded corporations.

We regularly organize for-profit corporations, not-for-profit corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships, and sole proprietorships. After a client’s business is organized, our attorneys continue to counsel clients regarding daily operations, management disputes, tax considerations, expansion and contraction issues, employment practices, benefits, and executive compensation.

Our business attorneys also counsel clients regarding the purchase or sale of existing businesses and creating a business succession plan.

Bishop & LaForte business transaction attorneys draft agreements to fit each client’s unique business needs, including:

Incorporation Agreements
Articles of Incorporation
Corporate Bylaws
Shareholder Agreements
Operating Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Joint Venture Agreements
Buy-Sell Agreements
Employment Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements
Noncompete Agreements
Vendor Agreements
Commercial Leases
Real Estate Purchase Agreements and Closings

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Bishop & LaForte probate and trust administration attorneys also assist families dealing with a family member’s disability or passing. When a client without Powers of Attorney becomes unable to manage their healthcare and financial decisions, our attorneys open a guardianship estate to have the Probate Court appoint a guardian to manage the disabled client’s healthcare and finances. At the end of a family member’s life, Bishop & LaForte attorneys assist the successor trust to manage and distribute the trust assets, open a probate estate if their assets pass under a Will, and close the sale of real estate if necessary.


Bishop & LaForte’s probate litigation attorneys also represent clients in disputes involving the management and distribution of assets under Guardianships, Wills, and Trusts. Contact a Bishop & LaForte probate attorney to schedule a consultation.


Bishop & LaForte’s experienced tax attorney and certified public accountant consults with clients to minimize our clients’ potential Illinois and federal estate and gift tax liabilities by creating family gifting plans, family limited partnerships, foundations, and other charitable interests. Contact a Bishop & LaForte estate and gift tax planning attorney to schedule a consultation.

Contact a Bishop & LaForte estate and trust planning attorney to schedule a consultation.


Bishop & LaForte’s tax attorney and certified public accountant provides our clients with tax planning and compliance services as well as representation before the Internal Revenue Service and the United States Tax Court.  Our tax attorney consults with closely-held businesses regarding corporate formation, asset acquisition, ownership succession, corporate reorganization, and stock and asset dispositions.  Our tax attorney also consults with individuals regarding lifetime and testamentary property transfers and trusts.  Our tax attorney prepares federal and state tax returns for corporate executives, corporations, partnerships, fiduciaries, and estates.


In addition to litigating in the trial and appellate courts, Bishop & LaForte attorneys represent business and individual clients in complex mediation and arbitration hearings. In addition, our litigation attorneys regularly serve as neutral arbitrators.


Our appellate attorneys regularly pursue appeals for our clients from trial court judgments in the Appellate Court of Illinois, the Illinois Supreme Court, and the United States Circuit Court of Appeal.